New on the Field

Thanks to Darwin Barton

The baseball fields were slammed on a spring Saturday morning. The moms were gathering in regular fashion with packed coolers ready to watch the tournaments all day. It was a gorgeous day and a great time to catch up with my “mom” friends. We had a new mom in the group who was new to the area as well. I quickly befriended her and learned her move had not been a simple one and now that she had settled in, she was ready to get some advice on the things she could change. One of which was her electricity provider. The customer support she had been receiving was less than acceptable and many of us moms suggested she log onto and check out the options available in our region of Texas. Most of us had been in the area for quite some time and was happy to offer advice to any new comers while relaxing at the ball fields. I think she left there feeling much better her options but not much better about our team who lost.

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