Coffee and Doughnuts

When you’ve been driving for hours and are really getting tired of being on the road, it can really help perk yourself up if you stop for a cup of hot coffee and some doughnuts. The caffeine in the coffee will get the adrenaline going and chase the sleep away. The sugar and carbs in the doughnut will also give your metabolism a kick. Plus, it is good to get up out of the driver’s seat where it is dark and quiet, and sit at a busy, bright counter filled with people and noise.

The last time I was driving through New Jersey, I stopped at one of the turnpike refreshment shops and bought coffee and doughnuts. If you have ever driven through New Jersey at night, you know how boring and monotonous the turnpike can be. That in itself causes so many accidents that the state of New Jersey had to put concrete lane barriers between the northbound lanes and the southbound lanes. And they have rest stops every 15 miles or so.

There is always plenty of parking at the rest stops, and most of them have 24 hour gas stations, convenience stores, and either a Burger King or a Dunkin’ Donuts shop so you can take a break and get some food, like my favorite, coffee and doughnuts.

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  1. Carl Post author

    I have some great stories to share with you about the New Jersey turnpikes. I used to drive up I-95 from Virginia to New England quite a bit. Let’s get together for coffee an share some stories.


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