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New Year Resolutions

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I can’t help feel that they are land mines that doom us to failure rather than inspire us to succeed at something. Most people seem to focus on losing weight or quitting smoking or ending some bad habit. Those are hard to do and just because you make a promise on New Year’s Day to stop doing it does not make the magic solution to your problem.

This year I am going to resolve to be more sociable. I know that will be hard to measure and hard to gauge success or failure at such a noble effort, but I feel like I need to make a bigger effort to build a social network of people who have either common interests with me or who can help me achieve my own goals, like a mentor or someone in my field that can teach me or lead me to higher achievements.

So wish me luck with my resolution and I’ll wish you luck with yours.

The Internet is Truly International

I never thought that I would need an online translation service for anything in my life, but the more I am on the internet, the more I realize just how international we really are. Even with something like Facebook, I have added new friends from a variety of countries. I have a musician friend who lives in the Czech Republic and also know a photographer there who has a wonderful photoblog.

He suggested another photoblog that is run by a French photographer, and I needed service de traduction to navigate her site. Everything on her blog is in French and if I want to make a comment on her work, I need to be able to write in French without sounding like an idiot.

These photoblogs are really interesting. Most of the photographers take a picture of something in their every day life and post it on their site. They take photos all year around, with people walking in the rain, shoveling snow, picking flowers or riding the commuter train. The German photoblog shows street scenes in Berlin and I needed √úbersetzungsdienst to read his comments and respond back.

These people do amazing work and put it on the internet to share with the world for free. I admire them and look forward to learning more about life in other parts of the world through their photographs as well as a great place to find all types of music instruments for sale.

Helpful Windows Message

file missing

Did you ever notice how helpful those Windows error messages can be? They are not as helpful as the Mac messages, but this would be an improvement. I sometimes move files to different folders and then the shortcuts don’t work any longer – it gets frustrating – why can’t Windows shortcuts keep track of where the file moved to?

Merry Textmass

Man oh man since I started texting and twittering I can’t get away from this iPhone. I have so many Merry Christmas wishes coming in that I can hardly keep up. And Facebook is a whole other story when it comes to messages!

So if I dropped the ball on the text message you sent, I apologize and let me wish you Merry Christmas here on my blog. Cuz I do mean it.


Hey everyone.. I joined a new website called It’s a pretty neat site where you can find many new people and other interesting stuff. i hope you can check it out when you get a chance. It has a lot to offer people who are “in the know” or want to be when it comes to technical stuff. This isn’t something that I would have ever thought I’d be spending some time at and knowing what they are talking about most of the time!

the future

Technorat,i a company of advertising technology specialists

pic taken from eBay