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Goodbye Guitar Hero

The popular video game called Guitar Hero has stopped being produced. The company called Blizzard Inc stopped making the game as the sales are failing. The game was very popular for many years but interest has faded.

The game was fun for awhile and very profitable for the company. The problem was that it was expensive to make and many accessories are required. The company will go on though as it just released the popular “Call of Duty: Black Ops” game.

I can remember going to the local strip mall that had so many stores that attracted youth, games, videos, music back in “the day” I spent a good amount of time at the local guitar center dallas with their unique clientele of odd folks that I felt so at home with. Most likely I never will have that type of relationship with people like that that I met through out those younger years.

The Garage

The one place that I can really relax in is my garage. There is nothing I like more than to tinker around with a project or two in my garage. I spend hours thinking up things to make and making them. I have built a few birdhouses and other projects for the kids. The one thing that I am really proud of is my tools. I like to have whatever tool I need right at my fingertips.

The last big project I started was to make a chair. The wife had seen a picture of one she liked and I wanted to make her one for her birthday. When I started the project, I made a list of the Tools and Hardware that I would need. While I was sure that I had most of the Hand Tools I needed, I realized that I would need some new Power Drills. I knew I would have to purchase the tools I needed before I started.

It took a while for me to get everything I needed together. But I knew it would save time when I actually started working. The chair was a challenge, but I found it easy once I got started. I finished the chair and my wife loves it. She said it was the best birthday present she ever had. I owe it all to a little planning and the best tools.

Free Sounds Good

My niece and her husband are tightening their belts since she is pregnant again and isn’t going to be able to work for awhile. So thinks that they will be OK with bills if hey cut back on a few things and if she takes advantage of coupons and free samples by searching online for deals.

We talked about the real math of what she was earning after expenses and she was really shocked to see how little real money she was bringing home in her paycheck. She took 30% off the top for taxes, then had to take off child care, her car payment/car insurance/gas, oil, tires and then a lot more things she hadn’t thought of. Like the true cost of lunch away from home, the cost of convenience foods for dinners when she was too tired or too rushed to cook, the cost of nice clothes, dry cleaning and pantyhose. The actual net cash she was seeing was less than $50 a week.

We all believe that she could save that same net amount by looking for Free Stuff online and using coupons, and being more budget conscious if she stayed home with the kids instead of working outside of the home. Finding Freebies is even fun – it is like a treasure hunt. She gets online in the living room while her daughter plays and finds ways to save money. I wish it were that easy for the rest of us!


Girls and Games

The invention of the internet is one of the most important of our lifetimes. It allows us to access all kinds of information in just a few clicks. It helps us do our jobs, do our schoolwork, and look up every subject under the sun. It also plays another important role; it allows us to play games. My daughter loves that part and the games she likes the best are called virtual girl games. When I questioned her about it, she explained them to me.

She told me that many of the girls at her school play these games all the time. Virtual girl games are typically about subjects that interest girls. They consist of games that allow the player to dress up their character or change their hair style. Other games are about cooking or celebrities. The games are becoming very popular with the girls.

I think it’s good that girls have the chance to play games that interest them. There are many bad things on the internet and I like the fact that virtual girl games allow them to express themselves in a good clean manner. It pleases me that I don’t have to watch everything my daughter does when she is on the computer. I am sure that those of you with daughters will consider introducing them to these types of games.

Doing What You Love

Sometimes in life, we must accept the inevitable. This is especially true with my cousin chip. While he is truly a great guy, he is not what you would call physically gifted. In fact, he is a bit ungainly when it comes to physical activity. That’s why there are some areas where I believe he will not be able to find a job. The good news is that he is very smart and has the attention to detail that is needed for the career he wants to pursue.

He wants to become a tax preparer. I think that this is a job that is ideally suited for him. He will be able to do most of the work from home and will not have to strain himself physically. He will be able to use his mind in order to do his job. I also happen to know that this is something that he wants to do. I think this will be good for him.

Another good aspect of this potential job is that he can learn everything he needs to know online. There are websites that offer the courses needed so that he can get a tax preparer certification. He will have access to study guides and will also be able to take practice exams. I know that my cousin will be alright and will have a gr4eat future doing what he loves. That’s always a good thing.