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Giant Fish Sales

The Japanese have been well known for their love of fish. This is especially true when it comes to the taste of tuna. They have proven their love of tuna when a Japanese businessman paid a record price of $ 750,000 dollars for a prized blue fin tuna. He plans to sell the fish to the customers at his restaurant.

The tuna weighed in at a weight of 592 pounds. The owner of the fish says it is perfect with just the right amount of fat and that the color is very good. I guess time will tell and we will see whether or not the tuna pays off.

New Odors Found

The University of California has been working on a long standing problem. That is, how to keep people from being bitten by mosquitoes. What they have discovered is that there are at least three odors that mosquitoes don’t like. The odors essentially block the ability of mosquitoes from knowing that a human is near. This in turn keeps them from sucking the blood they crave.

Scientists are working on the problem of turning this knowledge into a practical compound that can be used by humans to keep the mosquitoes off. I hope they get it working soon!!

Clean Up The Bay

One item that is in the news around our neck of the woods is health and safety of our Chesapeake Bay waters. It seems as though two groups of people have different ideas as to how to keep it clean. One group that includes the environmental protection agency wants to enforce an even stricter ban on pollution by setting a so-called “pollution diet” standard.

Another group wants to keep things how they are. They say the bay is cleaner than ever and that new regulations will cost too many jobs. For now, the two sides are expressing their points and a resolution should soon be found. It will be interesting to see how it goes.


Throughout the history of mankind, whales have been a source of food and oil. The food was eaten of course, but the fuels produced by catching the whales and boiling them down for oil helped light the world for many years. Their bones were also used in many ways to support human populations.

This problem has been that whales are being killed at a rate that will soon have them in danger of becoming extinct. The U.S. recently warned that the country of Iceland is harvesting too many whales. Iceland says that their whale population is sufficient to afford increased harvesting. I hope that Iceland will remember that whales are precious and treat them as such.

Dogs gone wild

Every now and then you hear a story that is just odd. I heard one today that describes the troubles of a will, three dogs, and a son. It seems that Ms. Posner had died in March. She was very rich and had an 8.3 million dollar mansion. She also had three dogs that were spoiled to the extreme point. When she died, she left the money for the care of the dogs and gave her son only 1 million dollars.

As may be assumed, the son is suing in court to gain control of the money he feels is rightfully his. The outcome of the case has yet to be determined, but many believe that the son will win out in the end and the dogs will be in the doghouse!!