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Hoarding The Pennies

There are some people out there who are willing to take a risk. These people are hoarding pennies. It turns out that pennies minted in 1982 or earlier are made with 95% copper. This makes the pennies worth more than their face value. Some are hoarding these pennies in order to cash in if federal laws change.

It is now illegal to melt down U.S. coins. Some feel that the laws may soon change and they will be able to cash in their pennies for a huge profit. Pennies made after 1982 are made of mostly zinc that has far less value.

a penny isn't always a penny

Today’s U.S. Penny Hoarding

A Flag For A Cool Two Million Dollars

One great thing about America is that we have so much history. The Wild West is a big part of that and there are many stories about it. One of the most famous stories is that of Custer’s last stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn. If there is anything that collectors love, its items from such historic events such as this.

One item to survive the years was the U.S. Cavalry flag that is known as a Guidon. The flag is the only one known that was not captured. The flag has been in the care of the Detroit Institute of Arts since 1895 and has finally been put up for sale. A private buyer bought the flag for just under 2 million dollars. It’s good to know that our history survives and is still of great interest to many Americans.

his last flag, not his last stand

Custer’s “Last Flag” sold for $1.9 million


Since everybody knows I have a truck, I was helping a friend move the other day. When people know you have a truck, they always want you to help them move. Anyway, my friend asks if I wanted an old sewing machine that he had in the upstairs bedroom. It looked interesting and so I took it.

The machine was very old and it was a Singer. I looked up the serial number online and discovered that the machine was made in 1892. My first thought was that it may be worth a lot of money. It turns out that there are many machines like it and that they are a dime a dozen. I guess I learned a lesson today.

Finishing touches

Well the bathroom is coming along great but it needs some finishing touches.  The new tile floor came out really good even if I do say so myself and the new cabinet is a lot better than that old one that was in there.  I even added a border to the walls.  I could not believe it when I found a border with outhouses on it.

Rachel was looking through some of the catalogs that fill our mail box from time to time and found all kinds of outhouse accessories to complete the project.  Outhouse shower curtain, checkered swag curtain, outhouse toilet paper holder, a bathroom mat and the job is a success.

More great finds

Last weekend we found some great lawn furniture for our deck.  I don’t like the new stuff because of not only the price, but they just don’t seem to last that long.  I have a friend that does powder coating.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s this powder that is put on anything medal and then baked in a large oven.  It comes out looking like you have painted what ever you had powder coated but lasts a lot longer.

Not only does that make the medal look new, but there are a lot of different colors and textures you can choose from.  In other words, you can have your yard furniture match most anything.  Great way to restore antique lawn furniture.