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Giant Fish Sales

The Japanese have been well known for their love of fish. This is especially true when it comes to the taste of tuna. They have proven their love of tuna when a Japanese businessman paid a record price of $ 750,000 dollars for a prized blue fin tuna. He plans to sell the fish to the customers at his restaurant.

The tuna weighed in at a weight of 592 pounds. The owner of the fish says it is perfect with just the right amount of fat and that the color is very good. I guess time will tell and we will see whether or not the tuna pays off.

Bottled Water

I have never understood why people pay for bottled water. That is of course until I learned that it is a big seller in Mexico. I have always heard that when you go to Mexico, don’t drink the water. It seems that Mexicans are taking their own advice and are buying bottled water in record numbers.

The water infrastructure in Mexico is in serious disrepair. Due to natural factors as well as a 1985 earthquake, the water system is in shambles. Mexicans believe that the water they drink is unsafe. The Mexican government disputes the charges and says that water quality has improved over the years. I guess only time will tell!


The giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has put a dent in the local economy. Thousands of people who live in the gulf area were put out of work and have been suffering financially. Now that the spill is over, and it’s five years later there are still lingering effects. The seafood industry is having trouble rebounding.

People around the country are concerned about the safety of fish and shrimp that are caught in the gulf. Now those fishermen have been allowed to start fishing again, they are having trouble selling the catch. I will do my part and make sure that I order fish and shrimp from the gulf.

Clean Up The Bay

One item that is in the news around our neck of the woods is health and safety of our Chesapeake Bay waters. It seems as though two groups of people have different ideas as to how to keep it clean. One group that includes the environmental protection agency wants to enforce an even stricter ban on pollution by setting a so-called “pollution diet” standard.

Another group wants to keep things how they are. They say the bay is cleaner than ever and that new regulations will cost too many jobs. For now, the two sides are expressing their points and a resolution should soon be found. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Working on my Game

Every family has different ways of spending their summer. One of the things my family typically does is take a vacation, sometimes we go to the mountains and sometimes we go to the desert. This year, we decided to go to the beach. I decided to look for a place to go on the internet and this is what I found. I came across a site It described what seemed to be an excellent place for us to go.

Whenever you go somewhere, there are always many places where you can stay. Picking out the best Myrtle Beach Accommodations is not always easy. After reading all the info and weighing the options, I knew the choice was made. We would be able stay together as a family and have fun all the while.

Another attraction that goes with your Myrtle Beach hotel reservations is the number of local golf courses. There are many of them in the area and I always make time for playing some golf. I like the game as it relaxes me and gives me some time in the sun. I am looking forward to working on my game. It will sure be nice to visit the beach this year and I’ll let everyone know how it went!