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Boardwalk Shows

When I was a kid, my father used to load the whole family up in the car on the weekend and drive us to the DC convention Center or to the DC Armory and take us through trade shows. I used to like the shows because the vendors were always giving away free samples of food and drinks, and there were demonstration of new and exciting things. That was probably the first time I was exposed to pop up displays and I remember some great displays, like the life size cut out of a NASCAR driver.

Nowadays, I see pop up trade show displays in a lot more places. We have a lot of trade shows and conventions here at the beach, with many of them out in public or free to the public. I’ve seen displays on the Boardwalk during shows and festivals. I see them in convenience stores (still a lot of life size NASCAR drivers – some things never change!) to promote the sales of beer, sodas or candy. I see them in the grocery store for seasonal items, like candy for Easter this weekend.

Since I’ve just raised your awareness of pop up booths and displays, keep your eye open and write me comment of where you see them in your neighborhood or daily life. I’d like to know. I bet they are all around you and you’ve never really paid attention to them.


I was glad to see that the local kids around my house are learning a good lesson. It seems that a bunch of them have gotten together and are cleaning up the neighborhood. They plan to take the cans they find to the recycling center and get some money for their efforts. I am all for this type of thing!

I believe that our country would be much better off if everyone did a little more in the recycling department. It’s good to know that the next generation is more aware of the problem and willing to find solutions. I believe there is some hope for this world yet!!

recycling is the only way to go

Please Recycle

Well worth the trip

If you haven’t ever been to Washington DC, you should make the trip.  There is something for everyone there.  Not only were the July 4th fireworks amazing but the museums were very educational.  My favorite just happened to be the NRA museum and there’s no charge to get in.  Believe it or not but Rachel actually found it interesting too.

Yeah I know most people think that guns and things like that are a guy thing but that’s not necessarily true.  That’s almost like saying art museums are for ladies.  I dare to disagree.  If you could have seen some of the amazing work on not only the stocks of the guns but also etched in the medal on these weapons, you would appreciate the workmanship if not the weapon.  No I’m not promoting anything with guns, just promoting a nice trip.