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Doing What You Love

Sometimes in life, we must accept the inevitable. This is especially true with my cousin chip. While he is truly a great guy, he is not what you would call physically gifted. In fact, he is a bit ungainly when it comes to physical activity. That’s why there are some areas where I believe he will not be able to find a job. The good news is that he is very smart and has the attention to detail that is needed for the career he wants to pursue.

He wants to become a tax preparer. I think that this is a job that is ideally suited for him. He will be able to do most of the work from home and will not have to strain himself physically. He will be able to use his mind in order to do his job. I also happen to know that this is something that he wants to do. I think this will be good for him.

Another good aspect of this potential job is that he can learn everything he needs to know online. There are websites that offer the courses needed so that he can get a tax preparer certification. He will have access to study guides and will also be able to take practice exams. I know that my cousin will be alright and will have a gr4eat future doing what he loves. That’s always a good thing.

Hire Someone

Recently, the new jobs report came out. The Labor Department reported that nearly 103,000 new jobs were added in the country for the month of December. While this number is not that bad, it was not really what economists were hoping for. They always want more.

Fears of another recession still linger for many investors. The stock market is still skittish. The president is still pushing his idea for a jobs bill that would hopefully create more jobs. In the meantime, I hope those who can will hire someone and help the economy along.

Making My Money Work For Me

My dad used to say that there are three kinds of people:

  1. those who don’t work,
  2. those who work for their money, and
  3. those who make their money work for them.

I have always kept that in mind and over the years I have had to work for my money. I plan on working for at least another 10 r even 20 years yet. But I know at some point I will want to retire, and that is when I need the money in my IRA Accounts to start working for me.

When I was a kid, my dad had a list of professionals that he could call on to help him. He had a lawyer, he had an accountant, he had a banker and a stock broker. But now we can do Online Trading and don’t really need a stock broker to handle our investments.

For the times that we do want to talk to someone or get a professional opinion, we can still get online and talk with an Online Broker. With so much information available online, no one has the excuse of not knowing what they are doing when it comes to the stock market. All you have to do is read and ask questions, and then get serious about taking responsibility for managing your money.