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Time to start the garden

I want a different kind of garden this year with some new goodies to enjoy. I am trying to decide just what we should plant, though.

We really would love to do a bit more canning this year, so I want to plant vegetables that are prime for canning. This way they will last longer. That also means our garden will be significantly larger this year around. We will do our standard stuff that we like a lot, as well as the new veggies. I have a lot of research to do on the best crops to plant as well as care, planting and harvesting information that is necessary.

Fresh veggies go bad quickly if they are not either frozen or canned right away. I have decided to get a deep freezer so we can freeze veggies as well as canning them.  The garage is large enough to hold it successfully and I have already picked out the space for it. It will definitely come in handy this coming year when the garden begins producing. I don’t mind giving away some fresh veggies to family and friends but I would really like to be able to keep a bit more of it this time around.

From the garden

With the summer months coming on, we have been doing a lot of planning for our garden. I have the grounds laid out and tilled and we are deciding what plants will go where. It’s a fun project for my wife and I and I think the kids will be glad to help out now and then as well. We have some great plans for this year’s harvest.

One idea I am interested in is called rain harvesting. That’s when you harvest the rain that runs off your roof into what is called a rain barrel. The water is stored there until you need to use it. I thought it would be the perfect way to save on our water bill. Instead of paying for water from the tap to water the plants, we can use the water that is captured in the barrels.

I went online in order to investigate the situation and I found a great site where they have rain barrels for sale. Although there is an initial investment, it will save me in the long run as well as being environmentally friendly. I believe we will have on heck of a garden this year and I am very excited about that. We will be able to put our own produce on our dinner table. Now that’s a good feeling.