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Eat Your Vegetables!!

A study that was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Americans are not eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables. They also found that Americans are actually eating less and less fruits each year. This is cause for concern to some.

A healthy diet is important to everyone. Keeping your body healthy not only makes you feel better, it also saves you money. Staying fit not only includes your diet; you also need to exercise as well. I think that everyone needs to reconsider their diets and do a better job of keeping it balanced.

A central location

One of the most central locations in our house besides the kitchen is our backyard. It seems that everyone in the family gravitates to it. We like to spend our time cooking out or playing a game of horseshoes. Sometimes we just throw the ball around. Anyway, we also spend a lot of time gardening. It can be hard work, but we think it’s worth it. Keeping the plants separated can be a chore, but thanks to our fiberglass planters, it’s been easier than we thought.

The planters are nice because there are many different styles and sizes. For example, we use one fiberglass planter to hold our azaleas and a completely different fiber glass planter to hold our daisies. That makes it easy to take care of each plant individually. We can concentrate on other things rather than worrying about which plant to water when.

The other nice thing about the planters is that they are durable. Because of the material that fiber glass planters are made of, they tend to last a long time and keep their color. They are also tough in case a stray ball or two hits them. Our backyard is has a lot going on in it and having the planters helps keep it organized. We love our backyard and I’m sure it will be a central location for us for a long time.

Sit down

One area of the house that everyone loves is our garden. We like to spend a lot of time out back just hanging around. We have put a lot of effort into making our backyard a suitable place to hang out in and are constantly finding new ways to make it better. One idea that we all liked was when we installed stone garden benches near the garden fence.

We first got the idea for garden benches when we were driving by a house down the street. They had a bench out front and it really looked good. The benches looked so natural that they seemed to be part of the landscape. We discussed the issue and decided that we wanted stone benches at our house as well. We knew they would last for a long time and they made our garden area look so much better.

Since one of my grandparents recently passed away. We thought that we might remember him by installing one of the memorial benches that were available on a site called stonebenches.com. The whole thing has come together and now we are very happy with our purchases. I know my neighbors will be jealous when they see the benches in our yard and I know my granddad would like the idea as well.

Good ideas

The weather has been wonderful lately and we are taking full advantage of it. We have been spending a lot of time out in the yard getting it into shape. Our garden area has received most of the attention so far, but we have also been concentrating on the recreational portion we have started. We were thinking how nice it would be to have an arbor as the centerpiece of the area.

Both my wife and I like the idea of using arbors to anchor the part of the yard we plan to spend the most time in. We want to have a place to eat as well as just relax. We were hoping to find one of those wooden arbors that vines love to climb on and cover. We think it would be so cool to eat under the protection that Mother Nature provides. I know the kids would like it too.

We first got the idea after purchasing some garden arbors for our garden plants. The plants love it and are doing well. They are producing fruit and look great. They look so happy that they are able to climb up to get the best light. We are excited about the whole idea and are planning to add more of them to our yard very soon.

Where has time gone?

Well it’s hard to imagine that another year is on it’s way out.  I mean, I have been so busy trying to get some things fixed, up graded and just generally looking better that I just realized it’s already November.  The leaves are mostly down which means more yard work than I have done all summer unfortunately.

But you know, leaves are great to add into the soil if you have a garden.  All you have to do is spread out the leaves and till or plow them in if your garden is big enough and you have a tractor that is.  That not only adds much needed nutrients to the soil, but it also helps when you go through those darn dry periods too.  My parents did it every year!