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Crazy Heart

While visiting at my folks the other evening, I found a copy of the book, Crazy Heart, on the bookshelf in my brother’s room. I asked if I could borrow it and he said to take it and pass it on.

I watched the movie with the same title when it came out last year. I thought the movie was outstanding and Jeff Bridges made the main character totally believable.I know a little about the music business, as my dad was a musician and we always had a house full of band members, singers and other entertainers coming into the house carrying their instruments in their nice utility case and boxes of all shapes and sizes.

It will be hard to read the book without picturing Jeff Bridges as the main character. But maybe that’s a good thing. I think it helps to vividly picture the characters while you read.

So far the book seems to be following the movie pretty closely. I just got into it last night for a couple of chapters. I plan to read the book and then re-watch the movie to compare the two.

Our Online News in Just 12 Views

I truly do enjoy visiting this new and very trendy news site Informucate.com. With as much information that is trying to be fed to us 24/7 sometimes it’s nice to just get a quick over-view of what has been going on in the world around me while I’ve been busy doing what I do each and every day. I’ve never enjoyed listening to the news on the radio, I’d much rather be listening to music, so as soon as a person’s voice starts in after a cool song, you can pretty much bet that I’m busy pushing as many buttons as I can put my fingers on until I find something other than talk!

So with all the news in just 12 views is an interesting concept to me when I’m online and find a couple of moments to read and watch in a timely fashion today’s top stories. What a great way to keep conversations flowing when you actually know a bit of what you are trying to talk about, from the pure entertainment side to the more serious issues that we are constantly hearing about and find ourselves so upset about.

This up and coming Presidential Election is keeping us wanting to know and see more. The material for the news, talk shows, comedians, newspapers, magazines both off and online, is totally flowing.

My friend next door

I have a neighbor who just moved in next door. I gave him a hand moving in and we hit it off pretty good. I like him a lot and have been helping him when I can. We have a lot of similar interest. One thing he wanted to know was what the best TV provider he could get was.

I have been a user of cable TV for many years. I was basically happy with it until HD came out. I found that watching movies and sports in HD was much better. That’s why I decided to quit cable and go to satellite. They have many more channels in HD than anyone else. I also like local channels. I know that local tv satellite can provide for all my local channel needs.

My neighbor was thankful for the advice. He went online and found what he was looking for. I knew that he would enjoy having the same great TV watching experience as I have. I also knew that he would save a lot of money by going this route. It’s a great feeling when you can help a neighbor!

A High Place

Everyone has probably heard about the highest mountain in the world. This is of course MT Everest which is located in the Himalaya mountain range. Estimated to be 29,029 ft above sea level, the mountain towers above the world in its quiet way. The first ever successful attempt to climb the mountain was achieved by two climbers named Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and tensing Norgay from Nepal. The made a successful attempt at the mountain in 1953.

This mountain has been the focus of many books and TV shows. Its ability to attract climbers to its peak is unrivaled. Despite the dangers, people keep coming to conquer the mountain and often risk their lives by doing so. I have no wish to climb the mountain at this point in my life. I am sure that I lack the strength and stamina it would take. I will leave it to others!

Christmas lights

I guess I’m a bit home sick this year.  My Dad used to put Christmas lights up every year and just pitch a fit about it.  We all knew he really enjoyed it because once they all were up, and working, he would stand back and look at the house with a look of pride at his accomplishment.

I said the Schmitt House!

I said the Schmitt House!

Well I decided I want to put up Christmas lights this year.  Thank God they aren’t as much of a pain as they used to be years ago.  One bulb goes out and the whole strand went dead.  Not to mention, I have had to buy all new lights since this is my first time putting them up.

I have seen some amazing light displays on the internet that play music and the lights dance to the music.  A strand or two here and there is all I’m up for!  So, let us have the decorating begin.   No my house isn’t going to look like the Schmitt either although my BFF would certainly enjoy witnessing such an event!!! Thanks for sending this great Christmas cartoon to me Lori! And I look forward to talking to you real soon!