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Free Sounds Good

My niece and her husband are tightening their belts since she is pregnant again and isn’t going to be able to work for awhile. So thinks that they will be OK with bills if hey cut back on a few things and if she takes advantage of coupons and free samples by searching online for deals.

We talked about the real math of what she was earning after expenses and she was really shocked to see how little real money she was bringing home in her paycheck. She took 30% off the top for taxes, then had to take off child care, her car payment/car insurance/gas, oil, tires and then a lot more things she hadn’t thought of. Like the true cost of lunch away from home, the cost of convenience foods for dinners when she was too tired or too rushed to cook, the cost of nice clothes, dry cleaning and pantyhose. The actual net cash she was seeing was less than $50 a week.

We all believe that she could save that same net amount by looking for Free Stuff online and using coupons, and being more budget conscious if she stayed home with the kids instead of working outside of the home. Finding Freebies is even fun – it is like a treasure hunt. She gets online in the living room while her daughter plays and finds ways to save money. I wish it were that easy for the rest of us!


Guitar Center In The Big Apple

I am seeing more and more Guitar Center stores in some of the towns that I shop in as well as more T.V. ads, which I am sure will become more abundant as the Christmas holidays approach.

I have heard so many good things about guitar center in new york, so it’s cool to know that they are popular in other parts of the country as well as the Big Apple. I miss New York City, but I am glad to have relocated to a climate a tad less intense come the winter months.

Eat Your Vegetables!!

A study that was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Americans are not eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables. They also found that Americans are actually eating less and less fruits each year. This is cause for concern to some.

A healthy diet is important to everyone. Keeping your body healthy not only makes you feel better, it also saves you money. Staying fit not only includes your diet; you also need to exercise as well. I think that everyone needs to reconsider their diets and do a better job of keeping it balanced.

Space junk

One thing that man has loved to do is explore space. I will always remember when the U.S. landed on the moon. Our efforts in space are continuing and an important part of that is the space station. It brings us much information about the world we live in as well as outer space.

One problem that the station experiences now and then are the possibility of colliding with space junk. These are typically pieces of metal from shuttle debris, jettisoned rockets, and destroyed satellites. The station was recently forced to change its course in order to avoid space debris. I am glad our station will be ok and hope they can avoid any thing that would cause harm to our endeavors in space.

The Internet is Truly International

I never thought that I would need an online translation service for anything in my life, but the more I am on the internet, the more I realize just how international we really are. Even with something like Facebook, I have added new friends from a variety of countries. I have a musician friend who lives in the Czech Republic and also know a photographer there who has a wonderful photoblog.

He suggested another photoblog that is run by a French photographer, and I needed service de traduction to navigate her site. Everything on her blog is in French and if I want to make a comment on her work, I need to be able to write in French without sounding like an idiot.

These photoblogs are really interesting. Most of the photographers take a picture of something in their every day life and post it on their site. They take photos all year around, with people walking in the rain, shoveling snow, picking flowers or riding the commuter train. The German photoblog shows street scenes in Berlin and I needed √úbersetzungsdienst to read his comments and respond back.

These people do amazing work and put it on the internet to share with the world for free. I admire them and look forward to learning more about life in other parts of the world through their photographs as well as a great place to find all types of music instruments for sale.