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TV and Christmas

It has hard put to find anything on the television that isn’t pertaining to the Holiday Season, that is in full swing as I type these holiday words, we just can’t seem to get away from this over abundance of Holiday Spirit.

At the Mall and ALL the other stores have been playing holiday music for the past several weeks and have gone the extra mile to decorate in the most elaborate decorating frenzy ever, it just seems that it is everywhere and it can be a bit over whelming when you are as strapped for cash as I seem to be lately.

One more week and it will all be a memory, hopefully a good one for each and all.

It’s That Time Of The Year

Besides watching football on Thanksgiving Day, my of my favorite things to watch is the news about those who wait for a store to open for days before Black Friday. I wonder of these people are really as crazy as they seem. Going through all that trouble just to shop??

I think I’ll do what I always do and that is to stay home and order my things on the internet. Why fight the crowds when I can have what I need delivered to my house. These people are just not thinking to clearly. They are fun to watch though.

Hot Yoga

Over the past couple of months, I have picked up a new physical activity, hot yoga. I have practiced on and off for about a year, but it’s not until recently that I have consistently gone twice a week. I will admit that sometimes it’s hard to pry myself from in front of my Direct TV and go, but once I’m there, I’m so happy I did.

I have tried other kinds of yoga in the past, but the problem is that since I am not naturally flexible, I don’t get as much out of it. With hot yoga, the room is heated between 95 and 100 degrees, which allows my body to bend a little better. I go to two different studios because they both offer $5 classes at various times throughout the day.

One studio has more morning classes available and one has more evening and weekend. Conveniently, the studio that is closest to my house has the morning classes. It is way too expensive to actually have a monthly membership, so I’m happy that these classes are an option. I find them much better than any yoga classes that I have taken at my gym.

Happy Birthday Dad

My father is 82 years old today.  It amazes me to stop and think of all of the things he has seen in his lifetime.  I remember when cable TV first came out and my Dad swore that he would not pay for TV when there is free TV that we all have looked at for the past 50 years.  Well that changed.  He loves his satellite TV now.

Cell phones?  He hated the house phone because it rang all of the time and doesn’t feel any better about cell phones.  “Why is the world would anyone want to walk around with a telephone in their ear” was one of his favorite sayings until Mom got a cell phone.  Yup, there sure have been a lot of changes in his life.