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A Quick Read

Most days I keep one or two paperbacks in the truck so I have something to read if we have a long wait on the job site. Today was one of those days where we had to wait for the concrete truck and there was nothing to do until he got here. So I picked up the “Boneman’s Daughters” and sat under a tree for about 40 minutes.

It’s by Ted Dekker and he writes in a very readable style. It’s a thriller about a serial killer and the FBI mistakenly thinking the father of a victim is a suspect. I’m not through with it yet, but it’s a good book so far. I got about half way through when the truck finally showed up.

a good read

Boneman’s Daughters Ted Dekker


Since everybody knows I have a truck, I was helping a friend move the other day. When people know you have a truck, they always want you to help them move. Anyway, my friend asks if I wanted an old sewing machine that he had in the upstairs bedroom. It looked interesting and so I took it.

The machine was very old and it was a Singer. I looked up the serial number online and discovered that the machine was made in 1892. My first thought was that it may be worth a lot of money. It turns out that there are many machines like it and that they are a dime a dozen. I guess I learned a lesson today.


I have just bought a new truck. It is a 1985 ford ranger that I hope to fix up and use for various tasks. Anyway, I had to take that dreaded trip to the DMV in order to get the title straight and new tags. It was a long wait and I was missing work for every hour spent in a hard chair, not getting paid.

After I got my number, I patiently waited for it to be called. After waiting for quite a spell, my turn finally came. Guess what happened next. That’s right, I had to wait some more!! I lost 5 hours of work and no way to make it up.

I am always glad to get out of that place!