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The Flute

Most of the time when I think of the flute, I think of Native American music. Those are songs that are haunting and very spiritual, usually accompanied by drums and chanting.

This morning I was poking around YouTube and came across two songs, by accident, that featured the flute Celine Dion’s theme song from “Titanic,” and a song by Celtic Woman called, “Scarborough Fair.” The odd thing is that I don’t remember the flute from the first version I ever heard of that song, by Simon and Garfunkel.

So I clicked over to the Simon and Garfunkel version and listened to that one. Their version feature generated acoustic guitar and harpsichord – not the flute. Until the very end – and then there is a flute or possibly clarinet? I can’t really tell and I listened to it twice. Anybody know which¬†woodwind brasswinds like what are offered online is featured on the Simon and Garfunkel version of Scarborough Fair?

That put me in the mindset for some old folk rock and I listened to some other Simon  and Garfunkel songs for about 30 minutes, then I had to get out of the house and head off to work.

Helpful Windows Message

file missing

Did you ever notice how helpful those Windows error messages can be? They are not as helpful as the Mac messages, but this would be an improvement. I sometimes move files to different folders and then the shortcuts don’t work any longer – it gets frustrating – why can’t Windows shortcuts keep track of where the file moved to?


Hey everyone.. I joined a new website called Technorati.com. It’s a pretty neat site where you can find many new people and other interesting stuff. i hope you can check it out when you get a chance. It has a lot to offer people who are “in the know” or want to be when it comes to technical stuff. This isn’t something that I would have ever thought I’d be spending some time at and knowing what they are talking about most of the time!

the future

Technorat,i a company of advertising technology specialists

pic taken from eBay



The giant oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has put a dent in the local economy. Thousands of people who live in the gulf area were put out of work and have been suffering financially. Now that the spill is over, and it’s five years later there are still lingering effects. The seafood industry is having trouble rebounding.

People around the country are concerned about the safety of fish and shrimp that are caught in the gulf. Now those fishermen have been allowed to start fishing again, they are having trouble selling the catch. I will do my part and make sure that I order fish and shrimp from the gulf.

Simon and Garfunkel

The Boxer, one of the best songs that Simon & Garfunkel ever released. It’s too bad that video’s hadn’t really taken off at this particular time. I really think that there was a lot of potential for so many songs back then.